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Discovering the Joy of Music

In the fall of 2008, PVRSO created the Young Violinists. By providing six month of free beginning violin lessons we hoped to provide an opportunity for children in our local community to discover the joy of music. Under the direction of our PVRSO conductor and master teacher, Mr. Elmer Su, we began our first year of Young Violinists with 84 eager new violinists!

The Young Violinists continue to grow and expand. After receiving many requests for a cello program, Mrs. Yvette Liao became the master teacher for the Young Cellists in the fall of 2016. In January of 2017, the Young Bassists joined the Young Musicians with Mr. Hui-Ming Jin, our PVRSO principal bassist, as their master teacher for the Young Bassists.

Each week our Young Musicians meet with their master teacher. In addition, the Young Violinists also attend a small group class taught by a talented Assistant Teacher. Many of our Assistant Teachers first began playing as Young Violinists!

There is a lot of excitement at the church during our Friday afternoon lessons as our Young Musicians develop their musical skills. Our goal is to work hard, but have a lot of fun while enjoying the wonderful experience of learning music. We look forward to meeting future Young Musicians and creating more beautiful music!

Sheet Music


  • To introduce young children to the joy of playing beautiful music on a stringed instrument in a positive and exciting environment.

  • Under the guidance of master teachers, to provide solid musical training in a mentoring situation where both students and assistant teachers develop their musical skills.

  • To provide an opportunity in the community for young musicians to rehearse in an ensemble and play in concert performances.

  • As a result of their early musical exposure and training, young children will enjoy music for a lifetime.


Please complete the form below to apply for the PVRSO Young Musicians Program.

Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Michelle Whitesides -

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