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Music Director and Conductor

The Palos Verdes Regional Symphony Orchestra, which has over 100 musicians, has been conducted by Mr. Elmer Su since 2008. Apart from conducting the orchestra, he also coaches the Young Violinists, who are featured at almost every PVRSO concert.

Graduating a the top of his class from the Shanghai Music Conservatory, Mr. Su was accepted as concertmaster of numerous orchestras in China. After coming to America, he studied with many famous violinists and performed with various orchestras in both the US and China. He was also named concertmaster in many orchestras in the US. 

As a world-class musician and mentor, Mr. Su passes his experience and knowledge on to this private students and the orchestra members. His talent and passion have guided not only his students to countless victories, but has also led the PVRSO to develop a unique power that few orchestras possess. His fiery devotion and love for conducting touch all hearts of the orchestra and audience members. 

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